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Championship Round 5

Defending Champion Rob Loveband took on veteran Kevin Perrin and played an odd Queen pawn opening that quickly resembled a weird Larsen Opening. White managed to win the exchange early on, and had little difficulty making his advantage count.

Cassandra Barnett faced Patrick Cook who played a Nimzo-Indian Defence. Black quickly gained a decisive advantage from the opening, picking up the exchange and a pawn. White resisted stubbornly, and late in the game Black was poleaxed by a lethal tactic that saw the 8-time Champion crash to a vexing defeat.

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Inaugural Barrow van Riel Match

The idea of a Ballarat versus Bendigo Challenge match along the lines of our annual Fletcher-Morrow match against Geelong has been floating around for several years, and after Kevin Perrin’s gentle coaxing over the past few months, the match finally was agreed upon. A shield has been ordered, and the two Clubs settled on Barrow–van Riel Challenge to honour two members who have been important to the history of both Clubs.

18 players - Rod Jacobs and Leigh Healey were team captains.

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The First Ballarat Chess Club

The first Ballarat Chess Club was formed at Henry J.Brun’s Cigar Divan on Monday, 16th June 1856.

The Ballarat Times reported this meeting on 18th June and it published the rules and regulations of the new club. These are the first published rules of a Victorian chess club. The formation of the club was also reported in The Ballarat Star on June 19th 1856, but this issue of the paper no longer exists.

The Treasurer of the club was Mr.Tuckett. Other names mentioned in the newspaper report of the meeting are Messrs. Pine, Hammond, Bunington, Morgan, Carter and Robertson, all of whom presumably became members. The rules provide for a Treasurer and Secretary only. Since these two offices are often combined at this time, Mr Tuckett may have been the sole official.

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Today's Puzzle

(If using an iPad, work out the answer and check by hitting the hint button - uses Java so better on a PC)


Catch up with Junior Chess News in Ballarat - Chess instructor Rob Bailey brings you the latest updates with tournament results and annotated games!

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 New to Chess?

A great site for learning the basics from a cool video, improving your chess with puzzles, and playing against QWERTY the chess computer, check out

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Join the league, climb the ladder

Come a little early and play a 15min League game

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 2018 Ballarat Chess photo albums


Check out the year of chess in images.

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