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Veteran Kevin Perrin faced runaway tournament leader Ruari Coffey, and essayed his old favourite English Opening. The game was very even throughout, prompting Kevin to offer a draw several times, but Ruari preferred to play, and late in the game showed superb endgame technique to put Kevin in zugzwang and score yet another win. Caitlin Barnett met aggressive Jamie Brotheridge and challenged him in his favourite mainline Grunfeld, Exchange variation. Unafraid of reputation, she played a strong game and held her more experienced opponent to a draw. A good result for the 'A' group newcomer.

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Blitz #3: Go Ruari!

34 players squeezed into the venue for a fun night of skittles - re-scheduled to coincide with the Comedy Festival event due to noise concerns. Patrick was leading the field undefeated after brushing aside Rod and Rob L, until the last round when he met Ruari who was a half point behind. Ruari showed his mettle to defeat Patrick and take the honours for the night on 6 of 7 points. Leonard, Louis and Sean all scored 5 points, punching above their weight!

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Today's Puzzle

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Welcome Young Jose

A record for the youngest Ballarat Chess Club member has been set! Jose Echeverria, no doubt named after Cuban World Champion Jose Capablanca, visited on Thursday evening with parents, Manuel and Gabriel, to check out the competition. Patrick can be seen below holding Jose aloft and no doubt thinking - 'oh no, another strong young player on the way!'

Coffee and Chess

Homeground on Sturt St next to BMI and Frangos up from Myers both now have chess sets donated by BCC, available for use by patrons - have a coffee and a game! Above, Kevin and grandson, Monty, enjoy a game in the sun! Patrick leads by 1 point in the ongoing challenge match!

Updated 20/5/19

Club AGM held 1st Oct 1964.

Present were: J. Brown, A. Cimera, C. Crompton, J. Cook, L. Gunn, J. Holmes, S.Jacobs, D. Lee, A.Miitel, D.Maciulaitis, A. McPherson, A.Solomon, I. Sharp, Mrs. L.Taube, G.Williams, C. Holmes.
Mr. Miitel was chosen as chairman and the meeting proceeded under his direction. The following office-bearers were elected: President- A. Miitel Vice President- J. Cook Secretary- J. Holmes Assistant Secretary- C.Crompton Treasurer- D.Maciulaitis. Election of Captain and Vice Captain was deferred to the next general meeting.
A set of rules were drawn up and adopted by the members as the official rules of the club. These were to be typed and displayed on a notice board together with a list of the club’s office-bearers. Mr Maciulaitis to attend.
Now that the club was established with elected office bearers and a set of rules, the representatives of the old club, Messrs. Gunn, Cook and Crompton, officially handed over the assets of that of that club. These included 6 Chess sets, 6 boards, 3 clocks and a number of chess books. Mr Cook promised to bring a cupboard to store these items. Bank balance of £11.1.-. and cash 1.9.9. was also handed over. It was decided that the name of the club should remain “The Ballarat Chess Club” and would in actual fact be a continuation of the old club which had gone into recess in 1962. The president, Mr. Miitel, thanked the officials of the old club for the Chess sets etc and said that they would be a great start to the young club.

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Ballarat Chess 1991-’93 Chess column by Bas van Riel in The Ballarat Courier.

From April 1991 until March 1993, Bas wrote a fortnightly chess column for the Ballarat Courier. It was a reflection of the many aspects of chess, which fascinated him during that period. Because he was deeply involved in the local chess scene, his reports invariably included the activities of the Ballarat Chess club on a regular basis. In its totality, his contributions present a detailed historical snapshot of the Club in those years. Included are reports of the Begonia Tournaments, the Country Victoria Championships and the Ballarat Club Championships, Interclub competitions, school-chess, and about the people involved.
Bas has kept all the newspaper clippings throughout the years, and he has now scanned them with the main focus on local content. The scans combined are now part of the History project of the Ballarat Chess Club (in progress).

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Ballarat Junior Chess page updated with 2019 news.

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 New to Chess?

A great site for learning the basics from a cool video, improving your chess with puzzles, and playing against QWERTY the chess computer, check out

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