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Time Handicap OTB

The following 2 weeks (April 8,15) during the school holidays, will be devoted to a Time Handicap Tournament with 3 games played on each of 2 Thursday nights. A maximum time of 40 minutes will be allocated based on the rating difference between the players. This will result in the higher rated player having as little as 10 minutes for their game against a much lower rated player who would be given 30 minutes. If players are close to even in ratings then they will have 20 minutes each.

MNCL: Week 9 Retake

10m +0s for 2 hrs Monday 7:30pm online!


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Ballarat Allegro Tournaments

An upcoming date to keep free will be the afternoon of Sunday 25th April. This will be the day for the new Ballarat Allegro Tournaments and others will follow on the last Sunday of each month. There will be 7 games of Rapid Play chess at a time control of 12 minutes for each player plus 2 seconds per move. Good prizes will be on offer, with a small entry fee for club members and a higher one for non-members. Further details and enter here.

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Spielvogel Memorial 2021

Last week saw the 2021 Spielvogel Tournament completed and the result went down to the wire in both divisions. In the outright section Scott Stewart and Ruari Coffey tied for first on 5.5 points closely followed by Patrick Cook on 5.0 points after he held Scott to a draw in the final round. The Reserve section resulted in a 3 way tie for first between Louis and Kalen Douglas and also Nigel Block who each finished on 3.5 points from the 7 rounds. Congratulations to all players especially Louis and Nigel who scored their first wins in tournaments at the club.

All players wanting to enter their games can do so here... ChessMicrobase. (Get the login details from Rob L). Scott has started a blog on with his games annotated, and you can see that here... Scott's Blog

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2021 BCC Daily Online Club Tournament

Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog on the Ballarat Chess Club Daily Championship. The event itself has 17 players, separated into 3 groups. The top 2 finishers in each group will play off in round 2 for the Title of Club Champion of Daily Chess. Daily chess is the equivalent of Correspondence Chess. Players make moves at a rate of 1 move every 3 days playing 5 or 4 simultaneous games. playing a total of 10 or 8 games depending on group size. In this blog I will analyse games as they are completed more or less. I hope you enjoy the event and look forward any conversation my coverage provokes.
Here is a link to the tournament for those wishing to follow the games.

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2021 Club Championships

The major intra club event of the year will be held starting 22 April. The 2021 Club Championship will be played in 3 sections, based on players ACF ratings. The A Grade and B Grade sections will be 12 player round robin events and the C Grade will be a 7 or 9 round swiss tournament depending upon entries received.

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Too young for chess? Too old?

Playing chess benefits people at all stages of life: the young players learn how to plan, how to control emotions brought about by winning and losing, they learn spatial awareness and concentration techniques. Older players benefit neurologically in many ways, staying sharp mentally as well as enjoying social interactions through playing at the club. Here is a short video of our youngest member, Darel Stewart, who turns 4 in April.

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Chess Coaching 2021

The Term 1 Chess Coaching sessions commenced on 28 January 2021. We welcome enrolments at any time from any junior chess player whether they have been part of the program previously or not.

Term Dates:
Term 1 - 28th January 2021 – 1st April 2021
Term 2 - 22nd April 2021 – 24th June 2021
Term 3 - 15th July 2021 – 16th September 2021
Term 4 - 7th October 2021 – 9th December 2021

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Tactics Solver

Give these a go - click on More Difficult to go to ChessBase for more

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BMI venue

To all members and chess players

The Humffray Room at the BMI is now in use for all club activities. 

Please bring a mask when you come to play.

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For info re coaching, junior tournaments, study resources etc.. visit the Ballarat Junior Chess Club pages.

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 New to Chess?


A great site for learning the basics from a cool video, improving your chess with puzzles, and playing against QWERTY the chess computer, check out
How to write down your games - Chess notation made easy here!

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Coffee and Chess -We're back!

Have a coffee and a game! Below, Rob has an the ongoing challenge match with Patrick and, for the first time in an age, they met and played OTB! Homeground on Sturt St next to BMI, and Frangos up from Myers now all have chess sets donated by BCC, available for use by patrons.

Bas' Chess Columns

From April 1991 until March 1993, Bas wrote a fortnightly chess column for the Ballarat Courier. Read them here