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Round 3 was held last Thursday, 17th August. Some of the noteworthy results included: Club Champion Rob Loveband held new member and expert player JG Estiot to a draw; Harrison took the full point from Rod Jacobs and Patrick Cook defeated Isaac Stolk which results in Harrison and Patrick leading the tournament with 3/3.

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So, this exceptionally strong “Andy Miitel Memorial” Ballarat Championship has come to an end and was a triumph for Rob Loveband who played the most consistently strong chess throughout to win his 3rd Championship title. Reputations meant nothing to him, and he was justly rewarded for his creative ideas and brave decision-making.more...

Prize winners of the Championship receive their medals: Chantelle, Rob and Cassandra. Read more

Fletcher Morrow Match

A great day of chess was had by all: not all games went the way we may have wished, but the traditional rivalry of our club and Geelong's saw us fight against a higher rated team and come out of the battle with some scalps!

Rod Jacobs, team captain, concedes the shield to Michael Sugrue of Geelong

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Vic Country Champs

St Mary’s Terrace Community Hub, Geelong will be the venue for the 2017 Victorian Country Chess Championship on 14 and 15 October 2017. It is centrally located, modern, bright, with very good lighting, carpeted, heated, has excellent tables and chairs and also very good toilet facilities. There is adequate nearby parking and free parking within a short distance. Read more

2017 Vic Junior Open

Three junior members represented the Ballarat Chess Club at the 2017 Victorian Junior Open.

Cassandra, Caitlin and Chantelle Barnett, coached by father Jasan, all put in excellent performances. Cassandra finished 2nd in the U18 Girls, Caitlin 3rd in the U16 Girls (with a draw against champion Lillian Lu!) and Chantelle 6th in the U12 Girls (taking out 2nd seed Kathleen Hooi on the way!)

See some of their games here.

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New FIDE Laws of Chess (from

The new FIDE Laws of Chess are in effect since 1 July 2017. One thing that's new is that using two hands to promote a pawn is considered an illegal move, and during rapid and blitz games an arbiter is supposed to declare the game lost. Interestingly, a situation like that occurred in the blitz game Viswanathan Anand vs Vladimir Kramnik, Leuven 2017.

You might remember that published an article three years ago about the changes to the official chess rules which came in effect per 1 July 2014. Back then, there were some important changes regarding the promotion of a pawn, and regarding illegal moves.

For instance, since three years, pushing a pawn to the eighth rank and then pressing the clock before putting a piece there is considered to be an illegal move (which leads to the necessary punishment, see below). The pawn is considered to be a queen.

Also in 2014, a rule was introduced that, during a classical game, if you make an illegal move the opponent will get two minutes extra on the clock, and if you make another one you will lose the game.

Lastly, since 2014, in case of an illegal move during a rapid or blitz game, the arbiter is supposed to stop the clock and declare the game lost (except when there's no possible way for the opponent to win the game with any series of legal moves).

Nakamura-Savchenko, World Blitz 2014—an endgame that
saw it all: two pawn promotions and one illegal move.

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Put your games up in the cloud to monitor your progress, mark your victories, and to help others research how to beat you when you get to the top! Get the password from Patrick or any committee member and go for it!

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A great site for learning the basics from a cool video, improving your chess with puzzles, and playing against QWERTY the chess computer, check out

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