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Arthur Koelle Tournament

Congratulations to Simon Rutherford who duly collected his last point from Kevin to win the tournament for 2019! Bas came in second with 5.5 points after defeating Rob L, and Ruari pocketed the bronze medal, half a point behind. Best performance for the tournament though, goes to Sean Macak, 12th seed, who finished fourth after a good win against Ben. Patrick was happy to win his shortest game of the tournament, 5 moves, as Peter M misplayed the opening and resigned.

In the Reserves, Chantelle Barnett and Leonard Goodison fought it out, with Leonard's passed pawn being the decider, giving him first place on 5.5, a half point ahead of Dan and Dylan. He is on the up and up, and will be playing in the A grade next year, at this rate!


Triathlon 2019

Ballarat Chess Club is pleased to announce our 4th Ballarat Chess Triathlon: An annual event where all participants take part in all three formats of the game: (Blitz, Rapid & Classic).

VENUE: The Hooper Room (Ballarat Chess Club Clubroom), Ballaarat Mechanics Institute, 117 Sturt Street, Ballarat DATE: Saturday, December 7

ROUND TIMES: - Registration 9:30am - Round 1 9:45am Blitz - Round 2 10:00am Rapid - Round 3 11:15am Classic - Round 4 2:45pm Blitz - Round 5 3:00pm Rapid - Round 6 4:15pm Classic

HALF-POINT BYES: - 1 half-point bye is permitted per player and can be taken for Rounds 1 through 4 only.

RATE OF PLAY: - Blitz (All moves in 5 minutes per player) - Rapid (All moves in 25 minutes per player plus an increment of 10 seconds per move from move 1) - Classic (All moves in 60 minutes per player plus an increment of 30 seconds per move from move 1). A forfeit will be awarded if a player is 30 minutes late for a classic game.


PLAY-OFFS FOR MEDALS (IF TIED): - 2 Blitz games (1 with each colour). If still tied.... - 1 Armageddon Blitz game (drawn by lots). 5 min for white, 4 min for black. Black wins if game is drawn.



The Kevin Perrin Era

In the mid-1960's, a fresh group of energetic chess enthusiasts, led by new President Andy Miitel, reconstituted the Ballarat Chess Club, and separated it from the Mechanics Institute,  although they later returned in later years.
The founding meeting of the current Ballarat Chess Club occurred on Oct 1st.1964. It was held in the home of the first president, life-member Andy Miitel. For several years, Andy’s house was the venue where the weekly club evenings were held, for which he received the princely sum of 4 pounds (?) for the wood, needed for heating.
Following are the minutes of the first meeting of the Ballarat Chess Club in 1964, marking the revitalization of the club and the start of a new chapter of the Chess Club, the Kevin Perrin Era.
Notable amongst those present at this meeting were S.Jacobs, the father of Rod Jacobs (the most recent life member of the club). Rod joined the club in 1967. Don Maciulaitis left Ballarat for Melbourne two years later, to become one of the stalwarts of the Melbourne chess scene, mostly as an administrator.

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Arthur Koelle and 50+ years of chess

Arthur was playing chess in Ballarat in 1966 and now, 53 years hence, popped in to see the 9th annual Arthur Koelle Tournament, 2019

Then and now ... more than 50 years down the track! Chess is definitely a life long passion for Arthur, and one wonders whether any of the young players at the club at the moment will go on to emulate Arthur's success in chess.

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Today's Puzzle

(If using an iPad, work out the answer and check by hitting the hint button - uses Java so better on a PC)


The Smokery

About 5 o'clock on a dreary afternoon is the best time to visit the Smokery at the Mechanics' Institute. “Out in the street­ The wind blaws as t'wad blaw its last, The rattling showers rise on the blast”. But whistling wind, sleety rain, and bitter cold are all forgotten once you enter the cheerful smokery, the air of which is a fog produced by more or less fragrant tobacco. Nearly all the chairs are occupied. Fine, solid old-fashioned chairs they are! Some of them. black and shiny with the friction of thousands of trousers, must be a hundred years old.

Duels of grim earnestness are being fought across the chess and draught tables, for you must certainly know that the Smokery has produced at least three chess players considered good enough to play for Victoria against New South Wales, and today John Armstrong, a son of the Smokery is playing off for the draughts championship of Australia. Around each table is a group of onlookers ever ready to give unsolicited advice how the game should have been played. No insult will silence them!

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Ballarat Junior Chess page updated with 2019 news.


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 New to Chess?


A great site for learning the basics from a cool video, improving your chess with puzzles, and playing against QWERTY the chess computer, check out
How to write down your games - Chess notation made easy here!

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Coffee and Chess

Homeground on Sturt St next to BMI, Frangos up from Myers, and The Building at 30 Main Rd now all have chess sets donated by BCC, available for use by patrons - have a coffee and a game! Below, Kevin and grandson, Monty, enjoy a game in the sun! Rob has an the ongoing challenge match with Patrick.

Bas' Chess Columns

From April 1991 until March 1993, Bas wrote a fortnightly chess column for the Ballarat Courier. Read them here