Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Tournaments 2019

Blitz #1: Sean blitzes away to a 6/7 result!

Only defeated by Ruari, Sean won all his other games. A block of four other players followed a point behind.

Blitz #2: 21 players compete

Harrison and Jamie stayed on top, with Peter Miitel, Patrick Cook and Sean Macak following on a half point behind.

Blitz #3: Go Ruari!

34 players squeezed into the venue for a fun night of skittles - re-scheduled to coincide with the Comedy Festival event due to noise concerns. Patrick was leading the field undefeated after brushing aside Rod and Rob L, until the last round when he met Ruari who was a half point behind. Ruari showed his mettle to defeat Patrick and take the honours for the night on 6 of 7 points. Leonard, Louis and Sean all scored 5 points, punching above their weight!


The Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Championship.

A Grand Prix cycle of five, 7 round tournaments throughout the year, with a player's best 3 scores deciding the title. There is a $75 prize for the King or Queen of the clock!