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MNCL: Congratulations Leo!

Congratulations Leo!
With the 10th and final week of the 1st Season of Monday Night Chess League coming to a close final line honors go to Leo who accumulated 75 points, 4 points clear of Scott in 2nd who was 7 points of Pat in 3rd. Leo who came in 3rd secured the win and limiting the damage from Scott's tournament win on the final night to just 1 point. Any of the top 5 spots would have done the job. Scott had a great night along with Rauri, both had put together a 5 game streak until they bumped heads and Scott emerged on top. Game below. Paul later put Scott's streak to bed.
The handicap system was a success in my opinion, Leo seeded in division 2 benefitted from 9 handicap points throughout giving him the event win as well as best performance in division 2 and the promised book prize.
Congratulations also go to Scott as the leading division 1 player, Justin as the leading division 3 player finishing on 39 points. The lower divisions were not representative results as participation in the Monday night events was sporadic.

Round 9

Current standings are listed above. Leo is out to a 6 point lead and as can be seen with this week's results Scott can still catch him if he has a tough night like Rauri and George both struggled to get on the board helping Pat to sneak into 3rd position overall. There were some nice games played, if I get a spare moment I will add some to this post. Next week is the final week of the first season of the Monday Night Chess League. Stay tuned for announcements for season 2

Round 8

Monday Night Chess League was won by Rauri, off to a slow start losing the 1st round to Scott he put together a streak and took the round clear by 5 points to George. Scott finished =3rd with League leader Leo. Leo has maintained his league lead 3 points clear from number 2 which has changed from Scott to George. This Monday night and the 2nd last week of this season's league will be an 8 8 Arena.

Round 7

Week 7 was a dominant display by Pat, taking out joint league leaders a couple of weeks ago George and Scott. Pat finished 1st and along with Leo in 2nd took home the full 10 points available. Leo has shot up to being 3 points clear in 1st place ahead of Scott who had a shocker. managing 1 win and 2 draws from his 8 games.

Round 6

Just a quick one this week, I haven't had time to sift through the games. Last week was won by Scott who lead from start to finish. In equal second was Leo and Pat all 3 collecting 10 league points. If anyone has a game they particuarly enjoyed let me know which and I'll include it here. The current league tally is below.

Round 5

Week 5 Monday Night League wrap and Week 6 - 10 0 Arena Welcome to the half way point of the Monday Night Chess League. Monday night saw a dominant display by George with a picket fence score 5/5 giving him 10 league points. In second also scoring 10 points was Patrick. There were 6 players in = 3rd each scoring 8 or 9 points depending on their division. We have a individual leader in the league now. George has broken clear of the pack by 2 points but there is still only 7 points separating 1st and 6th so the race is still tight at the halfway point.

Leo snatched a nice win after holding Rauri's London system at bay when he left himself exposed to a backrow weakness on move 30.

Paul had a great night defeating 2 division 1 players Scott and Nigel, here is his game against Nigel with only the 1 blunder in the game and it was made by Nigel. His game against Scott was also well played, Scott dropped a pawn in the opening and his attempts to complicate things and turn his blunder into a gambit were looking good until a second blunder saw Paul, maintaining his cool snapping up a Bishop.

Week 4 Results

Greetings Monday Night B'ratsters,

Below is the league ladder after week 4. Monday night was a very tight race for 1st, Rauri was off to a flyer, he led all night until George who was on a 6 game winning streak overtook him with 3 minutes left on the tournament clock. The 5th win of George's streak was against Rauri. You can check that game out here. George's victory on the night gave him 10 points in the league and an equal share of the lead with Scott. Scott came in a lazy equal 3rd with Paul both a chess board's width behind the leader. Scott collected 8 points and Paul 9. Only 6 points separating 1st to 6th in the league standings with 6 weeks to go it's up there for the taking. Next week we will play a 8m 5s - 5 round swiss

Week 3 Results

The 3rd week of the Monday night league has come and passed. 14 players engaged in an exciting duel with just 1 point separating the top 3 players. Line honors go to Ruari on 16 with both Pat and George hot on his tail with 15. Ruari and Pat earned the maximum 10 points in the league and George a solid 9. Leo came in 4th doing enough to catch Scott at the top of the league ladder both with 23 league points. The league is still close with just 4 points between 1st and 5th. The full ladder and results are below. If anyone has a particular game they are happy with let me know and I'll do a feature on it. Otherwise see you next week for a 10 2 Arena

Week 2 Results

Monday night saw 15 players participate in the evenings Chessanigans, The event was a 5 round swiss perhaps it ran a little long, the last game finishing at around 10, note for the future shave a couple of minutes off them time controls to ensure a 9:30pm conclusion. Congratulations go to Scott and Rauri who shared 1st place both taking the 10 league points.

Next week we will go back to the arena format with a 10 5 time control. I'll leave you with a pretty KGD played by James against Paul in his solo appearance for the tournament. Getting him onto the league scoreboard with a lazy 2 points.


19/10/20 Week 2

Next week we will be trying for a 5 round swiss event 12 5.. We will need to attract 10 players to make it viable so I have set the start time 5 minutes later in case a quick revert to the Arena is required. It is never too late to get involved, only 1 player managed to compete in all of the preceding Monday nights and he netted only 6 points. Hope to see a few more members next Monday to enjoy a fun evening of chess action. Week 2: 12m+5s Swiss, 5 rounds.

12/10/20 Week 1

Read Scott's report on

Nice 'tourn' out tonight for the 1st week of our new league, 15 players. Congratulations to Rob and Paul who finished in =1st and netting the maximum 10 points in the Monday night League. Leo came in a close 3rd securing 9 points. Scott and Justin both netting 7 points with 4th and 6th respectively. Nigel collected 6 points in 5th. George and Pat collected 4 points each in 7th and 8th, Leonard 3 in 9th, Jason and Franco both 2 points in 11th and 12th and Greg 1 point in 10th.

Update for Rd 1

Monday Arena 10 5

A quick reminder that at 7:30pm Monday there will be a 10 5 Arena running for 2 hours. All members are encouraged to join in. Results will go towards the new chess league ladder. Division Assignments of players who have played in the last 10 weeks are listed below. I hope to add some more names to this list after round 1. If anyone feels strongly that there assignment is wrong let me know and we can discuss it.

League Division

Simon_bcc_2020 C
loafes D
ScottAStewart 1
gregbrown60 1
BaronWrigle 1
Meow909 1
MrSpock34 1
Leopj3789 2
BasvR12 2
AustraliaRob 2
peacock23 2
pauldao3 2
GJL888 3
leesha 3
turtlesedge 3
Piiza 3
YTB703 3
SandieJo 3
DominicGaj 3
leonaraB 4
Kanisck23 4
NicoliNines 4
nblock 4



From the 12th of October the Monday night events will be run as part of a weekly chess league, running for 10 weeks. It will be split into 2 with the club's Triathlon event and Christmas Break in the middle. Rounds 1 - 5 from the 12th of October to 9th of November. Rounds 6 to 10 from the 11th of January to the 8th of February.  Depending on how it goes I'll try run 4 of these a year.


Tournaments will be as they have been rotating between swiss and arena formats of varying time controls.

I will publish the league ladder weekly before Thursday night club meets. 


The points system for the league will have a handicap structure so the race for the top is as wide open as possible. Players will be assigned into divisions and point adjustments allocated depending on the division they occupy. The maximum amount of points a player can win in any round is 10.


To participate nothing changes, Ballarat Chess Club Members and Associates just pop in to on a Monday night and play as you usually do in the regular Monday night tournaments. 



1st - 10 points     2nd - 9 points     3rd - 8 points     4th - 7 points     5th - 6 points     6th = 5 points

7th = 4 points     8th = 3 points     9th = 2 points     10th = 1 points.


Over 2400 -> -3 points  || U/2400 -> -2 points || U/2200 -> -1 points || Division 1 = U/2000 no adjustment  || Division 2 = U/1700 +1 point || Division 3 = U/1400 +2 points || Division 4 = U/1200 +3 points || Division 5 = U/1000 +4 points.


Division assignments are based on best rapid ratings over previous 90 days unless there is a huge discrepancy with ACF or FIDE then organiser reserves the right to assign players to divisions. 

Assignment ratings can also be taken from other sources and will be considered in this order if rapid rating is not reliable.

ACF -> FIDE -> blitz


Prizes will be organised and announced soon. (I am thinking of book prizes at this stage though open for suggestions and donations happy.png ) for Best 1st, 2nd and 3rd etc and division prizes if the players division is not in the top finishers.

A Master winning all 10 tournaments would likely still win the event --- maybe happy.png But it opens the door for anybody no matter what strength with regular attendance and consistently good performances to be in a position to take final honours as Monday Night League Champion keeping in the spirit of the fun atmosphere the events has fostered to date.

As an example of the above structure they have been modelled here on the previous 10 tournaments and received the following results.

Modelled non actual Tournament on previous 10 Monday Night events.

Congratulations Nigel grin.png  sorry no prizes on a model victory.

Names League Division
1st BaronWrigle 1 74
2nd AustraliaRob 2 69
3rd peacock23 2 66
4th pauldao3 3 58
5th Meow909 1 56
6th Leopj3789 2 42
6th Piiza 3 42
8th ScottAStewart 1 31
9th DominicGaj 4 25
10th leesha 2 23
GJL888 2 22
Simon 0 18
MrSpock34 2 17
YTB703 3 17
turtlesedge 3 16
leonaraB 3 12
nblock 4 10
SandieJo 3 8
Kanisck23 4 6
NicoliNines 4 6
gregbrown60 2 3
AustraliaTomO 3 3