Sunday Allegro Tournaments 2021

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Tournament #2 on Sunday 30/5/21

To all members and chess players 

The second event of the 2021 series of Ballarat Allegro Tournaments will be held at 1.30pm on Sunday 30th May in the Humffray Room at the BMI 117 Sturt Street Ballarat. Further tournaments will be held on the final Sunday of each month of the year except for December. The tournament details are here. 

All chess players are invited to play in any single event. If you play in more than one tournament there are special end of year prizes as well. There is a small entry fee to cover prizes and operating expenses. You do not have to be a member of the Ballarat Chess Club to play, but there are reduced entry fees for members. You can enter online via TryBooking above or registrations will be accepted on the day by no later than 1.00pm at the BMI. 

The time limit of 12 minutes per game for each player plus 2 seconds extra for each move gives reasonable time to play a good game of chess and the chance to meet 7 other players over the course of each tournament. 

We had 24 entries for the initial event including some from as far afield as Bendigo and Melbourne, so are hoping for a good rollup next weekend. That event was won by Harrison whilst Patrick Cook and Nigel Block winner the other 2 sections. 

Join us at the BMI for what should be a great day. 

Kind Regards 

Kevin Perrin

Treasurer 0418 533 517

Tournament #1 25/4/21

There was a definite show of support for the first Sunday Allegro Chess Tournament held at the BMI on Sunday afternoon - 24 participants and their families came from as far afield as Melbourne and Bendigo. Jasan Barnett directed play and the tournament ran smoothly, finishing at around 5:30 p.m. The time control seemed to suit some more than others; time must be carefully managed as the two second increment is barely enough to make a move and hit the clock when players are down to the last seconds of the game. So, players who can read the board quickly in any position do well - Harrison, known for his unusual openings, showed his skill at playing wild positions under time pressure, winning all six of his first games, coming unstuck only on the last, defeated by James Watson. The field was split into 3 groups, each group having a prize winner. Harrison was overall winner, followed by James as first in the top group, Patrick Cook in the second, and Nigel Block taking the third group prize.

Tournament #1

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