2010 Country Chess Championship

Russell Murray and Stewart Booth share honours

Seventeen players descended on Castlemaine last weekend to compete in the Victorian Country Chess Championship, after six hard fought rounds, congratulations are due to Russell Murray & Stewart Booth who drew their encounter against each other and won all their other games to share the title of Victorian Country Chess Champion. This was the first time that Russell has played in the tournament, so it is a fantastic achievement to win it first up! The AFL Grand Final Replay kept a few players away, however, the football fans at the tournament were still to be catered for. Tournament director, Nigel Barrow had a plan of setting up a portable tv in the analysis room, so that people could watch the AFL Grand Final – however this was thwarted by lack of tv reception, leading to a desperate last minute search for a portable radio in the shops in Castlemaine. Eventually one was procured that could broadcast the game. Setting this up proved fortuitous for Nigel as his opponent in Round 3 was passionate Collingwood supporter, Patrick Cook, who donned his Magpies beanie for rounds 2 and 3. Patrick became so distracted in the final quarter that he overlooked a tactic involving placing two bishops on opposite sides of the board to pin his knights. Thanks go to all competitors (and organisers) in helping create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and an enjoyable tournament. Prize winners: Open: = 1st, Stewart Booth & Russell Murray, =3rd, Patrick Cook, Leigh Healey & Nigel Barrow. Reserves: =1st, Kevin Perrin & Ken Czuczman, =3rd Max Mollard, Alexander Malejewicz & Geoff Davis. Lucky Door Prize (bottle of wine): David Gleeson.

Malejewicz, Gleeson, Watson, Miss Malejewicz, Camm, Clarke, Booth, Perrin, Cook, Lenne, Murray, Healey, Czuczman, Mollard, Davis & Barrow.

Malejewicz, Gleeson, Watson, Camm, Clarke, Booth, Perrin, Cook, Lenne, Murray, Healey, Czuczman, Mollard, Davis & Barrow.

Round 4, Barrow v Booth, Murray v Loveband with Cook in the background.

Footy vs Chess, 'Go Pies!' says Patrick Cook

Cook ponders, Lenne v Davis, Mollard v Czuczman

Analysis Room


Booth v Power

AFL Radio

Cook ponders Power's knight outpost while Loveband & Murray focus intently on their game.

Davis v Mollard, Gleeson v Czuczman, Camm v Watson & Malejewicz v Healey

Geoff Davis ready to roll

Heavy Heads

Intrepid Tournament Director: Nigel Barrow

Mollard v Murray, the eventual winner

Patrick lights up with excitement as he hears the score from the Grand Final!

Paul's surname is Power but it's his opponent, David Gleeson, who is glowing! Meanwhile Camm plays Cook as Czuczman & Watson look on

Perrin vs Booth

Perrin v Clark, Camm V Malejewski.

Round 2 again - Power v Booth, Barrow v Loveband, Watson v Murray.

James Watson v Russell Murray

Round 2 Paul Power v Stewart Booth, Rob Loveband writes down his move while Watson takes on Murray on board 3


The Players

2010 Standings, Pairings & Crosstable







The Victorian Country Chess Championship meets annually on the second weekend of October. All Country Residents Welcome!

Contact: Kevin Perrin (President)

phone: 03 5331-3711

email: kevinp@ppt.com.au

post: PO Box 500 Ballarat Vic 3355