2012 Vic Teams Geelong Match

Ballarat Chess Club entered a team in the Victorian Teams Competition 2012 in Second Division. In Round 1 of the competition we were paired against our old rivals from Geelong, and, like last year, we were able to arrange another 10 board challenge match, with the top four boards counting for the Teams Competition. We reversed last year’s disastrous loss, scoring a triumphant 7.5 - 2.5 victory.


Bd.1 Rob Loveband (Bal.) vs. Michael Sugrue (Gee.) ½-½ 
Bd. 2 Alistair Anderson (Gee.) vs. Patrick Cook (Bal.) 0-1
Bd. 3 Kevin Perrin (Bal.) vs. Andrew Wemyss (Gee.) 1-0
Bd. 4 Reza Daneshvar (Gee.) vs. Rob Bailey (Bal.) 1-0
Bd. 5 Stephen Symons (Bal.) vs. Bill Stokie (Gee.) ½-½
Bd. 6 Michael Severin (Gee.) vs. Rod Jacobs (Bal.) 0-1
Bd. 7 Peter Miitel (Bal.) vs. Ben Kersten (Gee.) ½-½
Bd. 8 Chris Schulz (Gee.) vs. James Eldridge (Bal.) 0-1
Bd. 9 Tom Oppenheim (Bal.) vs. Paul Power (Gee.) 1-0
Bd. 10 Kelvin Liu (Gee.) vs. Jesse Cameron (Bal.) 0-1

Ballarat Geelong Challenge

In 2011 we hosted Geelong Chess Club for Round 5 of the Victorian teams tournament, and at the suggestion of Geelong President Ben Kersten, a match of 10 boards, in the spirit of the famous 1925 and 1926 matches, was arranged, with the top 4 boards counting for the teams competition. Before play commenced, we were presented with a copy of Andrew Wemyss’ splendid history of Geelong Chess Club. The original Ballarat Geelong tournaments were held at the Mechanics' Institute. The revived tourney is being held annually and the teams vie for inscribing their name on the new Fletcher Morrow Shield, donated by Bill Stokie.