2014 Fletcher Morrow Tournament

Strategist met strategist yesterday afternoon and evening when the chess club of the Mechanics Institute met players of the Geelong Institution in the rooms of the former body. It is some considerable time since the game has been locally played in an inter-city sense, and a great deal of interest centred in it. On Wednesday evening the visitors arrived and were met at the station by Ballarat players. The match commenced yesterday and at the end of the afternoon Ballarat were holding the fort with a substantial majority.

Well, actually, that is the opening paragraph of the 1925 report which can be viewed here (1925 report). What really transpired was another close match ending with a Geelong victory!

Players listed below, Sasha Jacobs holding the Shield

The Ballarat Courier

The two secretaries (who happened to be paired against each other in the tournament), Andrew Wemyss and Rob Loveband, holding the shield.

The 9 players who've been in all 4 tournaments, from left, Rob Loveband, Tom Oppenheim, Michael Sugrue, Reza Daneshvar, Andrew Wemyss, Kevin Perrin, Patrick Cook, Bill Stokie, and Rod Jacobs


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Ballarat Geelong Challenge

In 2011 we hosted Geelong Chess Club for Round 5 of the Victorian teams tournament, and at the suggestion of Geelong President Ben Kersten, a match of 10 boards, in the spirit of the famous 1925 and 1926 matches, was arranged, with the top 4 boards counting for the teams competition. Before play commenced, we were presented with a copy of Andrew Wemyss’ splendid history of Geelong Chess Club. The original Ballarat Geelong tournaments were held at the Mechanics' Institute. The revived tourney is being held annually and the teams vie for inscribing their name on the new Fletcher Morrow Shield, donated by Bill Stokie.