Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Tournaments 2016

09-12-16 Blitz #5

After Jamie's 6.5 out of 7 performance, the title of Blitz Champion for 2016 has been cemented in history! Harrison lost 2 games which knocked him out of the running...

22-09-16 Blitz #4

Jamie Brotheridge back in form with a lovely picket fence, 7 of 7! James Watson was on his tail but was taken down by the Speed King.

07-07-16 Blitz #3

James Watson lost 1 game to Harrison and he in turn lost 1 to Patrick, and if Patrick hadn't lost to Jamie it would've been a 3 way tie. As it was James and Harrison take equal top spot in the 3rd Blitz tourney for the year.

17-03-16 Blitz #2

Jeremy Lim took out the blitz in style! He only lost one picket to Rod Jacobs, and Jamie had some serious competition for speed chess.

14-01-16 Blitz #1

Harrison topped the scoreboard with 6 of 7, a point ahead of last year's champion Jamie.

Blitz # 5

Blitz # 4

Blitz # 3

Blitz # 2

Blitz # 1

The Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Championship.

A Grand Prix cycle of five, 7 round tournaments throughout the year, with a player's best 3 scores deciding the title. There is a $75 prize for the King or Queen of the clock!