2016 Arthur Koelle Tournament

2016 Champion: Bas van Riel

A Group


Round 7 - Bas van Riel dispatched Harrison in an efficient manner in an uncharacteristically rapid game, over within an hour! This victory secured Bas' place as winner of the Koelle for 2016. Congratulations, Bas, for taking your first Koelle championship title! Place-getters are undecided as many games were postponed. In the Reserves, Louis Douglas was able to shorten Caitlin Barnett's picket fence by one picket, taking the point and leaving Caitlin in equal first position with Anna Yates. Remarkably, this is the second tournament this year that they have shared Reserve winnings in; the Teters was the first. Congratulations to Caitlin and Anna!

Anna Yates and Caitlin Barnett - the Reserves winners
koelle rd1Patrick readies for battle
koelle rd1Sasha, Caitlin and Chantelle relax before the game

Round 6 - Bas van Riel has steamed ahead after defeating Patrick Cook, and Kevin Perrin is now in second place, a half point behind. After defeating Rob Loveband, Harrison will go on to play Bas in the final round. In the Reserves, Caitlin Barnett is a full point ahead of Anna Yates and looking like she will pass the post in the front of the field.

Rounds 4 & 5 - Bas van Riel defeated James Watson in a feisty game in Rd5 to catch up to Rob Loveband who was had 2 draws; they both sit on 4 points, followed closely by Patrick Cook who will play Bas next week. Caitlin Barnett is building a picket fence in the Koelle B with 5 straight wins, Anna Yates being the latest casualty.

koelle rd1Rod shows Michael a laser printed purple Queen.

Round 3 - In Koelle A upsets abounded: Isaac Stolk achieved a draw against the higher-rated Jamie Brotheridge; Michael Tausz defended well against a Rod Jacobs gambit and took the point; Rob Loveband prevailed against Bas van Riel, with Rob playing a Caro Kann. In the B group, Anna Yates defeated the upcoming Sue Ryan, while Kalen Douglas won the point against higher-rated Sasha Jacobs.

Round 2 - Chris has had to withdraw due to work and Michael S was away so everyone in Koelle A got a game on the night. Notable upsets were Isaac Stolk holding Patrick Cook to a draw, and Rob Loveband taking the point from James Watson. In the Koelle B, Caitlin, Anna, Sue and Chantelle head the field along with Jasan on 2 points, and they will have some competition ahead from Miguel Marbella who has joined the fray.

Round 1 - luckily we will be moving to bigger premises as we were at full capacity for the start!

'A Grade' has a healthy number of 16 participants, with Bas van Riel and James Watson as leading favourites, being over 100 rating points ahead of the field.

koelle rd1
koelle rd1
koelle rd1

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Mr. Arthur Koelle was Victorian Junior champion in 1968 at 14, Country Victorian champion in the same year, and Club champion, also in 1968 as well as 1969. Most of these achievements are age records to this day! He went on to win the Australian Junior championship in 1971. Arthur has been living in Germany since 1982 and competed in the famous Bundesliga club competition, mixing it with experienced grandmasters, up until the mid-1990’s when work commitments became more pressing. Due to rising numbers of participants the original round robin format for the A Grade has now become a Swiss tournament, while the B and C Grade tournaments' format depends on the number of entries. The inaugural tournament was held in 2011.