Rapid Play 2016

2016 Rapid Play Champion: Patrick Cook

06-10-16 Rapid Play #3

Bas passed the post a nose ahead of Harrison in Rapid #3, however, when the dust settled we saw that Patrick was ahead of Harrison and other contestants, on 10.5 points already garnered in the previous two Rapids, and enough for a win of this year's title of Rapid Player of the Year!Cassandra had an upset win over Rod who took the Trojan Horse in exchange for a quick death!

29-09-16 Rapid Play #3

Harrison and Bas are on a roll.

21-07-16 Rapid Play #2

Second round and Patrick and Jamie on 5 out of 6.

14-07-16 Rapid Play #2

First round of 3 games sees Patrick, Michael and Kevin undefeated.

31-03-16 Rapid Play #1

Patrick Cook took the honours with 5.5 of 6 points, followed closely by the rest of the field.

24-03-16 Rapid Play #1

The first of the Rapid Play tournaments at 25'+10" kicked off last night with some upsets. Patrick and Rod lead the field but will have a tougher draw next week.

Rapid Play #3

Rapid Play #2

Rapid Play #1

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Rapid Play

Throughout the year there are three Rapid Play tournaments, each player starting with 25 minutes plus a 10 second increment per move. Each tournament is six rounds held over two weeks. This is an unrated event which encourages players to experiment and take more chances, often leading to exciting and unexpected outcomes.