Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Tournaments 2017

Blitz #4

The final Blitz tourney took place in the Humffray Room - a grand setting for the finale. After the 8th round was completed, Jasan determined that Rob Loveband needed a win to win the annual title, a draw for a draw with Pat and Harrison, and a loss for a loss. He played white against junior Dan Wang who had just defeated Tom in Round 8. Dan exchanged minor pieces but resigned when he found his queen trapped for no compensation.
So, a change in the guard: Jamie Brotheridge takes a break from being King of Blitz. Through a series of fortuitous events all revolving around one person who often chooses to not participate in Blitz (citing stress as the reason!) - including Patrick dropping 1/2 a point by stalemating Kevin in a won position, Kevin forfeiting to Rob after an illegal move, and Kevin taking the point from Harrison, Rob found himself at the top of the pile on 22/27 followed by Pat and Harrison on 21.5/27 and Jamie on 20.5/27.
Top juniors for the night were Sean Macak and Leonard Goodison on 5 points, who both took scalps; Sean defeated Kevin and Leonard took the point from Patrick.

Blitzing it up in the Humffray Room

Blitz #3

Jamie topped the charts for the third blitz tournament on 8/9, losing only to Ruari.

13-07-17 Blitz #2

18 players started the second blitz tourney for the year. Out of towner and former Ballarat Club Champion, David Lumsdon, enjoyed an evening of chess away from his home club of Bendigo. Finishing on equal top at the end of the night were Patrick, holding a one point lead in the yearly total, James, high on two cans of carbonated caffeinated sugar water and a serious lack of sleep, and Rob L who narrowly avoided a disastrous start after being outplayed by Caitlin only to swindle a win in the endgame. 6 juniors took part, with Sean, Justin, Leonard and Caitlin all finishing on 4 points. Notably absent, and making things a little easier for the rest of us, were Rod and Kevin (who obviously remembered his vow to not play in the next blitz!)

16-03-17 Blitz #1

27 people took advantage of Jamie's absence to accumulate a few points in the Blitz Grand Priz of 2017. Coming out on top of the pile was Patrick on 8 points followed by the 3 wise men, Harrison, Rod and Rob, all on 7 of 9. Miguel and Caitlin were the top juniors on 5 points. Fun was had by most but I did get one comment -"remind me not to play the next blitz - too stressful!" from one of our entrants! Contrasted with "What? 9 rounds already?! I was just warming up!"

Blitz 4

Blitz 3

Blitz 2

Blitz 1

The Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Championship.

A Grand Prix cycle of four, 9 round tournaments throughout the year, with a player's best 3 scores deciding the title. There is a $75 prize for the King or Queen of the clock!