Ballarat Chess Triathlon 2017

The second Triathlon tournament started with 17 participants, slightly up on last year. There were 9 adults and 8 juniors, and Caitlin was the only female this time around.

James Watson came up from Melbourne and was top seed, Bas was busy at home with visitors, and Jasan ran the competition rather than playing himself.

Jasan gets a handshake and a round of applause in appreciation.
Caitlin defeated Leonard in Round 2

In Round 1 all games went as expected except for Peter Wang defeating veteran Rod Jacobs in the Blitz.

Rob and Kevin had a wild game
Harrison and Peter play Rapid

Round Two was a Rapid and no surprises ensued.

Jamie drew with Patrick

Round 3 and the Wangs and the Goodisons took a 1/2 point bye. Black was cursed in this round, losing all games, irrespective of ratings and seeding!

Round 4 blitz, and Jamie Brotheridge took the point from Harrison.

The Goodisons and the Wangs
All juniors can record moves now

Round 5 rapid and participants were starting to tire: three draws this round.

Round 6, the final round, changed everything: Jamie got a draw with Rod, finishing with 5 out of 6 points, in reach of James who needed a win against Harrison to get into a play-off. James resigned after an inaccurate bishop move gave the game away, leaving Jamie the winner. Caitlin and Dan finished on 3 and had to play 2 games of blitz to decide the winner. Caitlin won both, earning her the Reserves medal.

Harrison and Kevin drew
James defeated Pat but lost to Jamie and Harrison

So, Jamie Brotheridge is this year's athlete, winner of Gold in the Ballarat Chess Triathlon - congratulations!

Caitlin Barnett took her second Triathlon Silver, congratulations to her as well!

Patrick congratulates Gold Medallist Jamie Brotheridge
Caitlin Barnett receives Silver from President Cook for the second year running!

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The idea for holding a "Triathlon" - a mix of blitz, rapid and short standard games held on the one day, was conceived be Jasan Barnett. It was well received, with many members expressing support for the tournament as a fun way to end the year of chess. The inaugural tournament was held in the Hooper Room of the Ballarat Mechanics' Institute, the club's new domicile from 2017.