Barrow - van Riel Shield

The annual match between Bendigo and Ballarat was held in the BMI on Sunday. Bendigo fielded a team of 6 players, leaving a few of our players without a dance partner, but the match went ahead. Board one, Rob L played Nigel and trailed until he forked a queen and rook, going up the exchange. Short of time, he blundered a winning position, giving Bendigo the full point. Board two, Leah played Ruari and the longest game of the match played out to a draw, with Ruari unable to convert his pawn advantage to a win. Board three saw David make incremental improvements against Rod, until he threatened to queen a pawn after swapping queens. Board four was over before it started, 18 moves and Patrick offered 85 yr old veteran, Ken (rated 1165), a draw - he accepted the gift. Kevin and Jamie on boards 5 and 6 made quick work of their less experienced opponents, bringing in the points and saving our club from a loss. Final result 3 vs 3, another draw.



Ballarat Bendigo Challenge

The Barrow - van Riel Shield Pumpkin (until we get a shield!)

The annual match between Ballarat and Bendigo chess clubs, named in honour of Bas van Riel and Nigel Barrow, two significant members of both clubs. The inaugural match was played in May 2018, in Bendigo at Toorak House.

The Bendigo Club house - Toorak House, and The Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute