Barrow - van Riel Shield


We played the match online this year due to social distancing restrictions, on, after Nigel rounded up the Bendigo crew, and Patrick the Ballarat players. Had a bit of trouble getting Ken C online to play Kevin, but the game was completed somehow, even though it's nowhere to be seen on! Unlike the two match draws of previous years, we had a definitive win against Bendigo, 7.5 - 2.5. Thanks to all the participants for keeping our friendly tournament going, even in these tough times! Games are downloaded and can be seen in the games tab or here. No Gallery this year though!


Board 1 Nigel Barrow v Rauri Coffey 0.5 – 0.5

Board 2 Bas Van Riel v Chris Bradley 1-0 Ballarat

Board 3 Leigh Healey v Rob Loveband 0.5 – 0.5

Board 4 Patrick Cook v David Lumsdon 0.5 – 0.5

Board 5 Ken Czuczman v Kevin Perrin 0-1 Ballarat

Board 6 Hossam Elgindy v Michael Holding 0-1 Bendigo

Board 7 Stan Lajic v Leonard Goodison 0-1 Ballarat

Board 8 Tom Oppenheim v Lyle Pyers 1-0 Ballarat

Board 9 Craig Segat v Anna Yates 0-1 Ballarat

Board 10 Justin Goodison v Neel Girish 1-0 Ballarat


Total Score:

Ballarat 7.5

Bendigo 2.5


Ballarat Bendigo Challenge

The Inaugural Barrow - van Riel Shield Pumpkin (until we get a picture of the shield!)

The annual match between Ballarat and Bendigo chess clubs, named in honour of Bas van Riel and Nigel Barrow, two significant members of both clubs. The inaugural match was played in May 2018, in Bendigo at Toorak House.

The Bendigo Club house - Toorak House, and The Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute