Ballarat Chess Triathlon

2020 Triathlon Champion: James Watson

James Watson arrived bleary eyed this morning but was still able to garner all 6 points to get the Gold. Anna Yates overcame her dislike of Blitz, played and won the Reserves. Thanks to Kevin and Ruari for setting up and directing play. Great to see some of our new members, Paul and Jason, at the venue for the first time.

James and Anna get their gold from President Pat

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The idea for holding a "Triathlon" - a mix of blitz, rapid and short standard games held on the one day, was conceived be Jasan Barnett. It was well received, with many members expressing support for the tournament as a fun way to end the year of chess. The inaugural tournament was held in the Hooper Room of the Ballarat Mechanics' Institute, the club's new domicile from 2017.