Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Tournaments 2023

Year's Results


An excellent entry of 30 players, including a number of juniors who stayed after the Junior Club coaching, lined up for Blitz # 4. Top seed was Paul Dao, with Angus Blenkiron, newly minted Life Member Bas van Riel, speed King Jamie Brotheridge, and Patrick Cook in the mix as well. Paul Dao duly finished 1st , with a splendid score of 6.5/7, Patrick Cook had an excellent night and finished 2nd with 6/7, Jordan Furlong, Justin Goodison, and Harrison Harrison managed 5/7, and Vipin Jyani scored 4.5/7. A chasing pack of 5 players finished with 4/7. The 5th and final Blitz for the year is scheduled for December 14.

Blitz tournament #3

28 players lined up for the 3rd Blitz tournament of the year, headed by new Club Champion James Watson. Angus Blenkiron returned, and Blitz King Jamie Brotheridge was back after a break. Harrison Harrison made a surprise visit, and new face Jack Lane made his debut. The event was won comfortably by James with 6.5/7, followed by Paul Dao and Angus with 5.5, Jordan Furlong on 5, and Paul Marko 4.5. Blitz #4 is scheduled for October the 5th .

Blitz tournament #2

The second Blitz tournament of our 2023 season saw a healthy entry of 19 players lining up for the event, with FIDE Master Simon Rutherford as runaway favourite. However, junior Paul Dao had a great night, scoring a picket fence 7/7 to finish in 1st place. FM Simon Rutherford was 2nd with 6/7, Patrick Cook, winner of Blitz #1, was 3rd with 5/7. Jordan Furlong managed 4.5, and Tom Oppenheim, Paul Marco, Jamie Brotheridge, and Trevor Ivory forming the chasing posse on 4. Blitz #3 is for 13th July.

Blitz tournament #1

Ballarat Chess Club launched our 2023 season with the first event in the Blitz Grand Prix on Thursday night. A respectable entry of 14 players joined the fray, including 2022 Blitz Champion Jamie Brotheridge, several players whom we haven't seen for a while, and new face Brodie Murnane. Top seed was James Watson, just ahead of Scott Stewart, but the surprise winner was 5th seed Club President Patrick Cook with an excellent 6/7 score. Blitz #2 is scheduled for 13th April.

Blitz #3 13/7/23 Crosstable

Blitz #2 13/4/23 Crosstable

Blitz #1 19/1/23 Crosstable

The Ernie Greenhalgh Blitz Championship.

A Grand Prix cycle of five, 7 round tournaments throughout the year, with a player's best 3 scores deciding the title. There is a $75 prize for the King or Queen of the clock!