Winter Cup

Don’t forget that the Winter Cup (flyer attached) will be held on next Thursday at 10.00am. If you have not already registered, then you can still do so by reply email. 

To all Ballarat Junior Chess Club members, parents and chess players 

The coaching sessions for Term 3 will resume on Thursday 13 July 2023. The Monday sessions will continue as from 17 July with a starting time of 4.30pm for beginners and 5.30pm learners. All coaching sessions will be held in the usual place which is the Humffray Room on level 4 of the Ballarat Mechanics Institute building at 117 Sturt Street Ballarat.

After all responses are received by me, Scott will advise if there is a change of day and time and whether a student is allocated to a different group. Students will be assessed on their progress and allocated a group coach for Term 3. Scott will then prepare study materials for the respective groups.

 Could parents please respond promptly to advise if their child wishes to continue for Term 3. I would also appreciate a reply from anyone not wishing to continue so that their place can be given to another student on our waiting list.


Simultaneous Exhibition

On Thursday evening, 20th April, Ballarat Chess Club Champion 2003, F.I.D.E. Master Simon Rutherford, gave a simultaneous display over 19 boards at our Club. The games were played in the Chess960 variant, sometimes referred to as Fischer Random, although one player chose to play from a standard starting position. Simon was White in all games, and despite his playing strength, didn't have things all his own way. James Watson, Paul Dao, and Justin Goodison all managed to defeat him, while Scott Stewart, Patrick Cook, and Kevin Perrin were able to hold him to a draw. 

To all Ballarat Junior Chess Club members, parents and chess players 

The coaching sessions for Term 2 of 2023 will resume on Thursday 27 April 2023. The sessions will begin at 5.30pm and finish at 6.45pm. The venue will be the Humffray Room at the BMI. 

One change for Term 2 will be that the sessions for all current and new Beginners and Learners (those who already know how to play or who have achieved the Pawn level) will now be held on Monday evenings commencing on 1 May 2023. The Beginners session will be from 4.30pm to 5.30pm and the Learners (Pawns) session will be held at 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Any student in the Learner group (Pawn level) from Term 1 who wishes to transfer to the Monday session is welcome to do so. These changes will enable more focused attention to be provided for each level of student and help us cater for more students on Thursdays since we finished Term 1 at full capacity and with a waiting list of 19. 

In future unless we are convinced that a new student has progressed beyond Beginner level, they will only be offered a place in the Monday group. There will then be a movement from the Monday sessions to Thursday after progress is achieved and a place becomes available.

Could I please ask for prompt responses from parents for all students who were enrolled for Term 1 as to whether they would like to continue for Term 2? I would also appreciate a reply from anyone not wishing to continue so that their place can be given to a student on the waiting list. Returning students should then make payment of the coaching fees before next Thursday. The payment options are shown on the attached flyer or if you prefer to use PayPal then follow the link on the Ballarat Chess Club website at . 

The parent for any student already on the waiting list from Term 1 should respond to confirm that they are still interested in being allocated a place on either a Thursday or Monday night in Term 2. Places are more likely to be readily available on a Monday evening. Students on the waiting list or new applicants should withhold payment until they are advised that a place is available. 

If a student is unable to gain a place in the paid coaching sessions, then they are welcome to join in the free games session which starts at 6.00pm each Thursday following the coaching session. 

Any student who is enrolled for a term of BJCC coaching is eligible to compete in any Thursday evening event at the senior chess club starting soon after 7.00pm in the same room at no extra cost. 

The Ballarat Chess Club championships will also start on next Thursday as well following coaching and any student able to use a chess clock and record their chess moves is welcome to join. The A & B grade sections will be reserved for the higher rated players, but the C grade section is specifically designed for newer players and those not able to commit to playing each Thursday. The games will be played at a time control of 60 minutes for each player plus 30 seconds extra for each move. If anyone wishes to be included in the senior club championships, then please advise me by reply email. There are no fees payable and there will be a prize and medal for the winner of each section. 

Please contact either of us if you have any query. 


Kevin Perrin 0418 533 517 Scott Stewart 0410 052 134

Spielvogel Memorial

When we left the tournament after 3 rounds, Paul Dao and Jordan Furlong were leading with 3/3, and they duly met in Rd. 4. Paul prevailed with Black to seize the outright lead. Scott Stewart won against Vipin Jyani to stay in range, Om O'Carroll held Bas van Riel to a draw, and Patrick Cook overcame Jasan Barnett.
In Rd. 5, Paul Dao fell to a determined Scott Stewart, Om O'Carroll and Patrick Cook fought to a draw, while Jordan Furlong was back in business after defeating Vipin Jyani with the Black pieces.
Rd. 6 was suitably dramatic, Jordan Furlong regained the tournament lead after a triumphant victory over Scott Stewart, Om O'Carroll kept in touch with a good win over Paul Dao, and veteran Patrick Cook stayed in range with a win over Trevor Ivory, despite blundering away a large opening advantage.
Going into the last round, Jordan Furlong leads with 5/6, with Scott Stewart, Om O'Carroll, and Patrick Cook lurking just behind on 4.5/6. 


To all Ballarat Junior Chess Club members, parents and chess players 

We wish everybody a happy, healthy and safe New Year. 

After a very successful 2022, we are pleased to advise that Coaching for 2023 will resume on Thursday 2nd February 2023. All sessions will be held in the Humffray Room on level 4 of the BMI at 117 Sturt Street, Ballarat. 

The program will be similar to 2022, albeit that there will be some subtle changes introduced progressively. We will have 6 coaches again this year but unfortunately, we are losing Angus Blenkiron who is seeking employment elsewhere after finishing his university course. Thanks to Angus for his contribution and best wishes for his future employment. We are very pleased that Ballarat Chess Club President and 8-time club champion Patrick Cook will join us for 2023. Patrick has a wealth of chess knowledge and will be a welcome addition to the coaching panel. 

The structured approach with 7 levels of study for students comprising of Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King and Junior Master levels will continue. The different stages are designed to help and test students as they improve. Students will receive instruction at the various levels and then be awarded certificates as they progress. The nightly format will be a lecture and worksheets from 5.30pm each Thursday. At 6.00pm students will play League Chess matches with games of 15 minutes + 5 seconds for each move. 

Due to the success of the program, we will again have to restrict applications to a maximum of 50 students. We finished 2022 with a waiting list and that may well be the case again in 2023 as we do have new students keen to join, but priority is given to existing students. Anyone who is unable to be allocated a place in the formal paid coaching sessions is welcome to join in the free games section starting at 6.00pm each Thursday until a coaching place becomes available. The games section at 6.00pm will be open to all juniors irrespective of whether they are part of the formal coaching program. 

The program for the year is detailed on the attached BJCC Coaching Flyer. Registrations for Term 1 are now being taken at or by responding to us with a completed application form. It is most important that anyone who wishes to register respond promptly, so that final coaching positions can be allocated. If for any reason a student from Term 4 of 2022 does not wish to continue we would appreciate advice so that the position can be re-allocated. 

Any student who joins for a term of the 2023 coaching sessions will be regarded as being a member of the senior Ballarat Chess Club for 2023. This provides all the benefits which that membership offers including the right to play in any event of the senior club at no cost. Meetings for the senior club start at 7.00pm each Thursday and many students from the BJCC stay on to test their skills against the older players. 

In relation to Covid matters, we will comply with any Government and venue regulations which may arise. At present there are no restrictions impacting the coaching sessions. Wearing a face mask is optional for anyone at the venue. All we ask is that anyone with a current Covid infection should stay away until they receive an all clear. 

If Thursday night coaching sessions don’t suit, then online or face to face sessions at another time can be arranged by contacting any of the coaches as detailed on the flyer. 

Please call Kevin on 0418 533 517 or Scott on 0410 052 134 if you would like to discuss any matter further. 

Kind Regards, Co-ordinator: Kevin Perrin, Head Coach: Scott Stewart