Rapid Play 2023

Rapid #1

The first of two weeks of Rapid Play 15m + 5s got off on Australiia Day with an entry of 15 participants. Chris Kolak, originally from Melbourne Chess Club, enjoyed his first night at the club, winning all three games and in first place tied with Paul Dao.

The second week saw Paul steam-roll his way through the games, defeating Chris in the first game of Round 4, and Rob L and Scott followed, giving Paul a picket fence score of 6 out 6. Chris and Bas came equal second on 4.5 / 6.

Rapid #1

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Rapid Play

Throughout the year there are three Rapid Play tournaments, each player starting with 25 minutes plus a 10 second increment per move. Each tournament is six rounds held over two weeks. This is an unrated event which encourages players to experiment and take more chances, often leading to exciting and unexpected outcomes.