Victorian Country Chess Championships 2018
IMG 2148  Board 1: Nigel Barrow plays top seed Carl Gorka, Board 2: Leigh Healey plays second seed Stewart Booth IMG 2150 IMG 2151 IMG 2152  Masked man vs Alistair Anderson
IMG 2153  Rod and Mio ponder IMG 2154  Bas playing white against Jasan IMG 2156  Mio Ristic takes notes IMG 2155  Rod Hessiing, unmasked, couldn't keep Alistair at bay
IMG 2157  The tourney rolls on IMG 2158  Epic battles on tables 13 to 16 IMG 2159  more of the usual suspects IMG 2160  Chantelle Barnett thinks
IMG 2163  Jack holds KG to a draw in Round 5 IMG 2165  Leigh takes the point from Stewart IMG 2167  Another great tournament in Geelong IMG 2168  Carl Gorka
IMG 2169  Reza plays Omar Bashar IMG 2170 IMG 2171  Bas vs Ruari - a point for Ruari IMG 2173  Anna and Chantelle play Black
IMG 2175  Jasan oversees all IMG 2176  Ben plays veteran Max Mollard in the background and gets the point! IMG 2177  Jack stays hydrated IMG 2180  Jack Smith = 2nd, 3rd in Reserves
IMG 2181  Kevin Perrin = 2nd, 3rd in Reserves IMG 2182  Reserves Winner, Ruari Coffey IMG 2184  Reza came 2nd on 5 points